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Youth Smoking Prevention

To address the issue of underage smoking Lorillard Tobacco launched our voluntary Youth Smoking Prevention Program (YSPP) in 1999. Since starting the program, Lorillard has committed more than $80 million to its efforts.

Recently, Lorillard’s YSPP has focused its efforts on a parent education program, featuring the slogan, “Real Parents. Real Answers.” The program attempts to prompt parents to discuss not smoking with their children, and features a website, www.RealParentsRealAnswers.com, which allows parents to blog with other parents, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and allows parents to learn how to conduct this important conversation.

The program utilizes the expertise of Dr. Michael Popkin, a renowned parenting expert. Dr. Popkin’s messages through Lorillard’s YSPP have reached hundreds of thousands of parents. Those interested may receive a free brochure from Dr. Popkin and receive regular E-mail newsletter updates by signing up at the website.

Please visit the following links for more information on the Lorillard Tobacco Company Youth Smoking Prevention Program: www.RealParentsRealAnswers.com