Lorillard About Us


The Board of Directors and management of Lorillard Inc. are committed to maintaining and fostering a responsible business environment along with strong Corporate Governance practices, and conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner at all times.

We firmly believe that the commitment to ethical business practices and sound Corporate Governance procedures is essential to obtaining and retaining the trust of investors, employees, and customers. Our Corporate Governance and other business practices reflect the requirements of applicable securities laws, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the New York Stock Exchange listing requirements and Lorillard’s own vision of the highest principles of business ethics.

This commitment is embodied in Lorillard’s vision statement:

“To Responsibly Bring Newport Pleasure to All Adult Smokers.”

It is this vision that we have identified as our central mission in guiding our business strategies and day-to-day activities at Lorillard.  We believe this broad concept of thoughtfully delivering quality tobacco products that bring pleasure and enjoyment to adult tobacco consumers is one that will serve both our customers and shareholders well over the long-term.